The 5 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

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Drink one green smoothie a day for 5 days  

 Green smoothies are a simple way to give your diet and health a boost. 

The aim of this challenge is to remind you how easy it is to incorporate a green smoothie into your daily diet, and show you they don’t need to be loaded with sweeteners to taste good! 

b e n e f i t s y o u c o u l d s e e

Green smoothies are an amazing way to get a lot of nutrients into your body in one go. 

Because the ingredients are already partially broken down by the blender blades, they're easier to digest which means your body can put it's time and energy into other important processes such as detoxification and healing.

G R E E N S M O O T H I E S G E T Y O U R D I G E S T I O N F L O W I N G  

& Y O U R S K I N G L O W I N G !

They're packed with fibre and hydration which are essential for good digestion and skin. 

The abundance of antioxidants protect your cells from free radical damage and aging, and the magical compounds called phytonutrients (nutrients unique to plants), promote healthy cell function and help prevent disease.

 Drinking a green smoothie a day will leave you feeling invigorated, energised, and your digestion and skin will love you for it! 

h o w i t w o r k s

This challenge is free! 

I'll send you all the information, including 5 delicious, low sugar green smoothie recipes, in an easy to follow downloadable pdf guide. 

All YOU need to do is stock up your fridge using the handy shopping list, and you're set to go!

w h a t y o u g e t

5 Recipes + Shopping List

You'll get 5 easy to follow green smoothie recipes and a shopping list with a helpful ingredient swap section - in case you can't find (or don't like!) any of the ingredients.

Pro Smoothie Making Tips

Each day you'll receive a new pro smoothie making tip. You'll learn the secrets to making smoothies that always look and taste good, how to fix a not so appetising blend and how to boost your smoothie and turn it into a meal replacement.

Daily Motivation + Inspiration

To keep you inspired and on track, each day of the challenge I'll email you a reminder of the recipe for that day, with some healthy inspiration and motivation.

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Hi! I'm José.

A wildly optimistic foodie with a passion for health, I teach busy people like you how to nourish their bodies from the inside out.

José Stichbury - Swoon Food

A medical scientist turned chef, photographer, blogger and health enthusiast.

I believe prevention is the best kind of medicine and by nourishing your body with a plant-rich, nutrient dense, whole foods diet, you’re well on your way to a happy, healthy life!  

While I eat well 90% of the time, I too can go through phases of bad food choices. Life is busy and often one of the first things to go is diet.

So to help myself and YOU stay on track, I created this 5 Day Green Smoothie Challenge! 

Green smoothies are an amazing way to get a lot of nutrients into your body in one go, and are a really simple way to boost your diet naturally.  

This challenge will either introduce or remind you how easy it is to incorporate green smoothies into your daily life, and show you they don't need to be laden with fruit or sweeteners to taste good!

t h e 5 d a y g r e e n 

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